In the past, furniture manufacturing has always been dominated by one-component contact adhesives dissolved or dispersed in organic solvents, such as chlorinated solvents and low-flash point organic solvents. Such integrated contact adhesives are easy to apply. However, recently due to environmental, health and safety reasons, it is desired to switch from a solvent-based adhesive composition to a water-based or water-dispersible adhesive composition. In particular, the mattress manufacturing industry has stronger requirements for health and comfort.

In addition to providing a more environmentally friendly bonding solution than solvent-based systems, water-based adhesives also have other advantages. These include:

 Fast application and curing
The water-based mattress adhesive is easy to handle and can be applied by roller or spray. When the water evaporates naturally or is forced to dry, they will solidify. In particular, the water-based adhesive spray system can be used for automated mattress manufacturing.

Tough and flexible bonding
Water-based bonding is tough and maintains its flexibility. In many cases, this bond is stronger than the foam layer it bonds.

Safer working environment
Since the water-based adhesive for mattresses does not contain any solvents, it will not release harmful chemicals through evaporation and solidification.

User-friendly product
The absence of solvents also ensures that the cured adhesive will not release any potentially harmful substances in the finished product.

Water-based Adhesives for Mattress

TENAK Adhesives for Mattress Type Activation temperature Application methods  Substrates Feature
DCA-210 2K Room temperature Spray Foam, cotton and linen Fast curing
DCA-220 1K Room temperature Spray/Brush Foam, cotton and linen Fast curing, easy to use
DCA-230 1K Room temperature Spray/Brush Foam, cotton and linen Fast curing, easy to use
DCA-730A 1K Room temperature Roller/Brush Foam, cotton and linen High Cost-Effective
DUA-4200 1K 80-100℃ Roller Foam, cotton and linen, PVC Wet bonding, suitable for many  substrates
DUA-5630 1K 45-65℃ Roller Foam, cotton and linen, PVC Low temperature activation, suitable for many  substrates