Since its inception, OSiC has advocated and practiced the concept of health and environmental protection, and put this concept into practice in the company's development direction, product research and development and actual production. We are committed to protecting the social environment, reducing energy consumption and waste generation with innovative and sustainable solutions, and strictly implement this program. We are committed to minimizing waste disposal through recovery, recycling and reuse practices. Achieve high energy efficiency, renewable raw materials and protect limited resources. 



Expanding demand and promoting development

Customer demand is the driving force for us to move forward, and being content with the status quo is the stumbling block for the development of enterprises. We constantly explore the market, base ourselves on the domestic market, and explore the overseas market, which enables us to develop rapidly and expand the production scale.


Improve science and technology Independent innovation ability

The foundation of an enterprise is to have its own core value, and independent innovation is a powerful weapon to reflect the core value. We have our own R & D team, committed to the development of high efficiency, high quality products. Independent research and development to improve product development and production efficiency. The integration and utilization of limited resources help us enhance the influence of enterprises. Energy efficiency plays a very important role in the whole value-added chain. We minimize the negative influence of products and improve the brand value of enterprises and business areas.


People oriented -- introduce excellent talents

We attach importance to the selection and training of talents. Only people-oriented, in order to make the company alive, go further. A good mood is inseparable from a comfortable working environment. The personalized and multi-functional office environment enhances the sense of belonging of employees while making them feel happy. We strictly implement local environmental protection standards in production bases, offices of various departments and business places.


Control the supply of raw materials, save energy and reduce emissions

· Select raw material suppliers. As a chemical production enterprise, we start to control from the source. The stability of raw materials, the reliability of quality and the continuity of supply are the guarantee of our product quality. We establish close cooperation with customers and suppliers, increase the transparency and traceability of raw materials and products, and ensure the continuity of the whole supply chain.

· Energy saving and emission reduction is now the common pursuit of the world. In order to save energy and reduce emissions, we continue to optimize the production equipment, change the packaging barrels for sustainable use, and develop more environmentally friendly and high-quality products. We believe that providing sustainable products and reducing environmental impact are crucial to our customers and to us.

· Enhance the industry related certification. With the rapid development of industrialization, the era of sacrificing the environment has passed. Research shows that 15% of employees are willing to work in a "green" enterprise even though they can give up a high salary, which is gradually increasing. We have obtained ISO9000 and ISO14000 certification.

· Protect the health and safety of product contacts. In order to ensure the correct use of our products, we monitor their entire life cycle. We comply with all applicable laws regarding the manufacture, testing, handling and application of our products.