Wood coatings

OSiC always pays attention to the needs of each customer, and develops carmot series of organosilicon additives, which are used for water-based varnish and coating of different types of wood. In these formulations, carmot series additives have excellent application effect. Water based varnishes and coatings are excellent alternatives to solvent based equivalents because their adverse effects are eliminated by avoiding the use of solvents.

Most wood requires a coating or varnish to make the surface smooth, non porous and corrosion resistant. These varnishes shall be easy to extend on the surface and shall not change the natural color of the wood. It is also important that the varnish has no surface defects (such as pits), which can lead to surface irregularities and change the performance of the varnish itself and its final appearance. Traditionally, solvent based varnishes have been used, although this implies a negative impact on health and the environment. With its firm commitment to R & D, OSiC has created a series of silicone surface additives with excellent cost performance, which can abandon the traditional solvent based formula and adopt new water-based formula instead. After this migration, good performance and excellent finish can be maintained on the painted wood, avoiding the use of solvents and their adverse effects on health and environment.