Corporate responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Our goal is not only to become a leading supplier, we hope to provide real value to our customers. To achieve this goal, we must have the right internal culture, which is reflected in our four values: openness, sustainability, innovation and compliance.

It is very important to act in an ethical manner, not only to maintain our reputation and to comply with laws and regulations, but also because it is the right thing to do. We earnestly pursue these core values and abide by the operating principles of fairness and integrity, and have won the reputation of a high-performance professional chemical company. Maintaining this reputation is the responsibility of everyone in OSiC. How we treat each other, how we interact with our suppliers, customers and manufacturers, these will profoundly affect the views of the industries in which we operate.

These values guide the way we do business and are integrated into the daily work of OSiC. Everyone at OSiC has the responsibility to abide by these core values and refuse to violate our principle of integrity when faced with decision-making difficulties.



Business partners

We only do business with third parties who can work with us to commit to complying with legal requirements and upholding high ethical standards. We require our business partners to act in accordance with the principles of integrity, honesty and transparency.

Business integrity

We are trustworthy in all relationships. We match our words and deeds. We always act properly.

Human Rights

We respect the rights and dignity of all team members. We have established an inclusive international culture so that everyone can fully display their talents at work.

Conflict of interest

In our business activities, each of us has the responsibility to put the best interests of OSiC first. We need to disclose any potential conflicts of interest so that the company can evaluate these issues.

Gifts and entertainment

We know that exchanging small gifts with business partners can help build and strengthen relationships, but we must not offer or accept gifts or entertainment that improperly influence business decisions or conflict with our values.

Protection and use of company information

OSiC’s proprietary information can help us compete, innovate and grow. We must protect this precious resource from being lost, stolen or misused.

Health, Safety, Environment and Security (HSES)

We are responsible for the company, the environment and the world. We believe that all work-related injuries can be avoided. We remind each other to develop good safety habits and prevent personal injury, whether at home or at work.