About us

OSiC is a global manufacturer of special chemicals and high-performance materials.  As one of the fast-growing companies, we contribute to value creation by our sales and technical support team for customers from many industries. We manage our operating business through four segments: urethane additives, silicone emulsion, coating additives and waterborne adhesives. 

As a specialist and efficient partner, we offer solutions to the challenges faced by our customers. We operate two production facilities in Shanghai and Zhangjiagang with annual production capacity of 26000 tons, and employ about 100 people globally, with 2 technical centers that serve customers in over 30 countries.




Throughout our development, OSiC has always been focused on innovation and the pursuit of excellence. Our products and solutions make life safer, easier and better for people all over the world. Our world-class technology platform provides differentiated solutions in home, automobile, agriculture, textiles, personal care and other fields. We are inspired to challenge ourselves and often collaborate openly.


Meet customer needs

In order to make our customer’s products obtain the most relevant benefits, we have made in-depth research on consumers and market trends to help our customers to develop and improve their products, and promote our company and customers develop rapidly. At the same time, we have also accelerated the speed of our product update. To provide customers with comfortable product experience is our only pursuit. The company provides customers with early technical support and pays attention to after-sales service. The company has established a sound product quality and safety management system, which is constructed and operated in accordance with the standards of world-class factories.



We are committed to improving energy efficiency and process technology in all of our global footprint. We use sustainable business practices in our operations to ensure the well-being of our employees and customers. As a result, we have a good reputation for producing high-quality solutions, and we continue to set industry standards for sustainability and safety. As an enterprise with leading technology and market position, we are a team deeply concerned with customers and stakeholders.



Throughout our development process, OSiC has always focused on innovation and the pursuit of excellence. Our products and solutions make the lives of people all over the world safe and easy. Our excellent technology platform provides differentiated solutions in the fields of home furnishing, automotive, agriculture, textiles, and personal care.more >



The company has always advocated and practiced the concept of health and environmental protection, and put this concept into practice in the company's development direction, product development and actual production, whether it is RETe series silicone oil, NA series catalyst, or DCA series water-based glue, the product is in smell, Leading the development of the entire industry in terms of VOC and low fogging, assisting customers in enhancing product competitiveness.more >