Our history

Our history

In 1996, entrepreneurs Mr. Zhang Haoming and Mr. Zhu Zhenjian founded Hanshang import and Export Co., Ltd. From the beginning, the two founders realized that polyurethane will play an increasingly important role in daily life, so they are committed to the promotion and popularization of polyurethane materials in the Chinese market. In order to meet the growing demand for waterborne adhesives and polyurethane foam additives, we acquired the Shanghai Songjiang plant in 2010 to establish OSiC materials technology company. In order to use our innovative technology to improve our life, we continue to develop on the basis of our tradition, expand more new areas, and turn exciting and often pioneering ideas into practical solutions for our customers to improve their products.

  • 2020

    OSiC Zhangjiagang production base was put into production and established new facilities including R & D center It is an integrated production base for producing urethane additives and water-based adhesives, laying a solid foundation for the development of new products and new processes

  • 2019

    OSiC materials technology was elected as vice president of China Polyurethane Industry Association and director of India Polyurethane Association

  • 2018

    OSiC started the business of coating additives, producing dispersant, defoamer, leveling agent and other products for coatings The company also announced that a new facility will be built in Zhangjiagang

  • 2016

    OSiC silicone emulsion project was put into operation, and the company opened up a new field, including textile, agriculture, detergent, wastewater treatment and other fields

  • 2015

    OSiC launched new low odor and low VOC silicone oil products to help customers meet stringent performance requirements, while ensuring compliance with regulations and passing quality certification

  • 2012

    OSiC started with a series of innovative inventions for commercial production of polyurethane foam additives, including silicone oil, catalysts and functional additives

  • 2010

    OSiC water-based adhesive project was put into production This product can replace the traditional oil-based glue and provide a more healthy, environmental friendly and safe solution for furniture, mattress and automotive applications

  • 2010

    OSiC performance materials completed the acquisition of Songjiang factory and started the process of integrating new employees and the factory The acquisition will enable OSiC to diversify its products and provide customized chemicals with higher value for end use applications

  • 2003

    Crompton built a new special silicone factory in Shanghai Songjiang Industrial Park After several equity transfers, the factory is still in operation today Now it is an important part of OSiC s production base