Create a new role in chemistry-future-oriented innovation

From the very beginning of the company’s establishment, OSiC has realized that only innovation can drive development, and high quality and good service can win customers. In order to fully cope with the many social and economic challenges faced by our era, there is nothing else but technology and material innovation. Without this kind of innovation, there would be no end product favored by the market. OSiC hopes to be based on innovation and use technology to seek future survival and development. Global competition has allowed us to continuously improve. The development of the industry is now at a critical point in time from big to strong. As a member of the industry, OSiC will actively take on the responsibility of industry development and is committed to leading industry innovation as its mission , With the goal of becoming a leader in the field of global additives.



Innovation to meet customer needs

At OSiC performance Materials, we pay attention to customer needs with a keen perspective. Customer-oriented and consumer-centric innovation is our passion. We have a strong innovation channel and spend nearly 10% of our annual turnover in research and development. We value customer feelings and regard customer feelings as a guide for innovation. We continue to research new technologies and present our products to customers in a simple and easy-to-understand way, so as to lock in customers and achieve their ideal expectations.

We have a global multidisciplinary innovation team dedicated to specific market areas, so that our customers can gain expertise to develop and deliver products that meet their unmet needs. Our continued commitment to provide scientific data to support product benefit claims, not just product ingredient information, makes us unique.


Collaboration and open innovation

Our goal is to become the preferred partner of our customers, potential customers, academia and technical developers. Open innovation enables us to obtain industry-leading expertise, facilities and equipment. At the same time, our partners can gain access to our market, formulation and product application expertise.

We recognize and understand that collaborative and open innovation methods can often speed time to market, reduce costs, and provide product or process differentiation. Through our unique R&D framework, we can achieve systematic collaboration between sales, R&D and production departments. Our R&D center can work closely with each business and manufacturing department. Our sales department and R&D department share market demand information, the R&D department uses this information to select new research topics, and the R&D department creates new materials based on these research topics.


Sustainable innovation

OSiC’s high-quality LOGO "OSiC" is the ideal interpretation of corporate culture: Openness, Sustainability, Innovation, and Compliance. Our sustainable development and innovation path will consider the potential impact of our processes and products on the environment. From water-based adhesives and low-VOC silicone products to silicone emulsion products, our goal is to make sustainability a part of new breakthrough. Sustainable development is rooted in our product and process innovation. The 12 principles of green chemistry and renewable raw materials are the core of our development. Our professional R&D capabilities in chemical synthesis have recently been praised by the massive investment in biotechnology, which is still a growth area.

In order to continuously innovate products, we have invested heavily in the establishment of a new laboratory in the new production base, and plan to make it an open platform for customers and partners. Through continuous innovation and research and development, we hope to be better. To provide services to customers, we also hope that OSiC will help the industry to develop better through innovation and R&D. Our process innovation team works with all our manufacturing bases to ensure that new process technologies can be implemented globally.