Water based ink

The ink industry is one of the growing markets in the world, especially due to the growing printing ink market for packaging applications. At present, there are two types of printing ink based on composition: (1) solvent based ink prepared with solvent and (2) water-based ink prepared with water as solvent. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in solvent-based ink lead to environmental problems in its use, which leads to the increasing demand for more environmentally friendly water-based ink.

The performance of water-based ink depends largely on the additives added to the ink to optimize the specific performance. In a typical ink formulation, ink is composed of colorant, resin binder, solvent and additive. Colorants, resins and solvents account for about 95% of the typical ink formulations. Water based ink can contain many additives, their role is usually crucial to the performance of the ink.