Our business

Our innovation across business sectors, industries and applications brings unlimited possibilities to modern life.

We manage our operations through four departments: polyurethane additives, silicone emulsions, coating additives and water-based adhesives. Through these business departments, we can deal with the wide range of applications and markets. As an expert and efficient partner, we Provide solutions to the challenges faced by customers. Our diversified methods make us the preferred partner of many big brands, and help us meet consumer demand for performance, safety, and a better life.

  • Urethane Additives

    Our additives have become the necessary components of polyurethane foam processing, including slabstock foam, rigid foam, molded foam and more

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  • Silicone Emulsions

    Silicone emulsions are commonly used in textiles, cosmetics and home care industries As a component of shampoo, silicone emulsion can make the hair smooth and easy to comb after washing

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  • Coating Additives

    As an excellent supplier of coating additives, we provide a variety of additives for construction, automotive, wood, industrial and ink applications

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  • Water-based Adhesives

    Water-based adhesives can reduce the overall cost of customers and improve product quality, thereby improving efficiency and reliability in its manufacturing process

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