Since its establishment, OSiC has been providing comprehensive and professional products for the textile industry. Our textile additives include pre-treatment products, dyeing products, finishing products and silicone defoamers with various properties and concentrations.

Our additives can meet the specific needs of customers for product performance and processing technology, and are manufactured in accordance with strict standards. We have accumulated many years of research experience in the field of textile chemicals, especially in the field of silicones. Our technical sales and service team look forward to working with you to share our solutions to the industry’s common concerns, such as ternary block silicone oil dilution, Odor, stability, and insufficient alkali resistance and anion resistance, etc.

We have strong research and development capabilities and a strict quality control system, not only to provide customers with mature products, but also to continuously develop and innovate more advanced processes and products, and at the same time customize products for customers.