Heavy launch of a new generation of polyurethane flexible foam cell regulator——NOVAX RP-321

Stable and high efficient cell regulating additive——NOVAX RP-321
As a manufacturer of special chemicals and high-performance materials, OSIC provides global customers with additives for different applications and continues to innovate.
After years of development, we have launched a cell regulator that meets the modern polyurethane flexible foam market—— NOVAX RP-321
Market demand:
Polyurethane sea sponge foam has excellent airflow and good water absorption effect.
Advantages: Replaces barbed wire and cleaning balls. The bubble effect is good, the washing effect is excellent, the water absorption capacity is strong, no harm to the utensils , good porosity, not easy to produce bacteria.
Disadvantages: Due to the instability of the process during the production of sea sponge foam, the pore size will not meet the requirements.
If the cell size is too large, it will collapse easily. Too small cell size will lead to poor water absorption effect, poor stability, high defective rate, and will make the product scrap In serious cases.
Therefore, OSIC continues to launch new products according to the current market situation:new generation of polyurethane cell regulator——NOVAX RP-321
Product performance and features:
The main ingredient of NOVAX RP-321 is 100% non-ionic surfactant, without any defoaming ingredients.
NOVAX RP-321 increases the openness of the foam while improving the regularity of the foam cells.
Its good dispersion, to a large extent, solves the problem of different sizes of foam cell size, the collapse of foam caused by too large fallback, while the cell size is too small resulting in poor water absorption.
√   Better stability
√   Better opening effect
√   No other harmful substances, safe and reliable, no pollution of the environment
√   Stable dispersion

Product parameters:

Appearance, beige liquid Beige liquid
Viscosity at 25°C 6221.6
Water solubility Water-insoluble

Application method:
Test Formulation
5603  Water SI A-33 T-9 TDI Additives
100 3.84 1 0.2 0.15 49.7 0.4
1. The recommended dosage is 1/10,000 to 2/10,000 (common TDI system).
2. In order to ensure the accuracy of adding NOVAX RP-321 during weighing, we mixed NOVAX RP-321 (already stirred) with polyether 1:19 first to get diluted auxiliary L. After stirring the auxiliary L well, it was added to the formula in equal proportion according to the dosage standard.
3. Experiment to control the material temperature at 20 ~ 30°C
4. NOVAX RP-321 should be stored at room temperature above 20°C to avoid low temperature solidification.
Application performance:
          BJ                                             AJ
OSIC as a global professional additives R&D, production and sales company, whether it is RETe series silicone oil, NA series catalyst, or DCA series water-based glue, the products lead the whole industry in terms of odor, VOC and low fogging. OSIC will continue to innovate on the road of foam cell regulator R&D to assist customers to improve product competitiveness and meet their different industry needs.