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Mr. Zhang Haoming, Chairman of OSiC accepted an interview with PU Daily

time: 2020-09-23

     In this year’s election of directors of China Polyurethane Industry Association, Mr. Zhang Haoming, Chairman of OSiC, was successfully elected as the vice chairman of China Polyurethane Industry Association. PU Daily was honored to invite Mr. Zhang Haoming to accept our interview and listen to him on the current situation of China’s polyurethane industry. , Views on the problem, and vision for the future development of China's polyurethane industry-as long as our polyurethane industry continues to innovate and improve itself, the vitality of China's polyurethane industry will shine more dazzlingly in the future.


Q1: We all know that the China Polyurethane Industry Association plays a pivotal role in promoting the development of China's polyurethane industry. As the vice chairman of the association, what are your specific work plans or directions in the work of the association in the future? Does the association bring changes and promote the further development of the association?

      At the membership meeting of China Polyurethane Industry Association held this time, Chairman Yang Maoliang clearly pointed out that the next major work of the industry is to grow stronger. After 25 years of development, China’s polyurethane industry has become the world’s largest production base, accounting for 1/3 of the world’s production capacity. At the same time, we are also facing many challenges and still have many shortcomings. So how to expand the influence of China’s polyurethane industry? Standing among the world's polyurethane industry is a problem that needs to be solved urgently.

      There are four main directions for the association's future work. First, focus on the sustainable development of China's polyurethane industry, which mainly involves raw material manufacturers to assume more social responsibilities and regard green and environmental sustainability as the primary goal of development; At present, the polyurethane industry has a more specific green environmental protection subject: the classification and recycling of mattresses and sofas. In fact, in addition to incineration as a heat source, sponges can also be used to produce recyclable raw materials. However, our industry's research in this area is still insufficient, and we need to further increase research and development efforts. Second, intensify the formulation and promotion of the standard operating process SOP for polyurethane raw materials to ensure production safety. Third, cooperate with the association to formulate new polyurethane product standards that keep pace with the times, such as CertiPUR certification in Europe, CertiPUR-US certification in the United States, etc.; fourth, using Oscar’s foreign resources to organize in-depth exchanges with domestic and foreign polyurethane peers , To promote the sustainable development of China's polyurethane industry.

      Q2: At the entrance of the OSiC factory, there are the eight characters "Our future lies in quality & creativity". What are the special meanings of these two sentences? Is this the development goal and mission of OSiC?

      Since the establishment and development of the company, we have deeply understood that only innovation can drive development, and high quality and good service can win customers. As President Xi Jinping mentioned, the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy is a major strategy based on the overall situation and facing the future. It will continue to create a new situation in national innovation and development, play the supporting and leading role of scientific and technological innovation, and accelerate the development from factor-driven development to innovation-driven development. change. OSiC is also transitioning from a factor-driven development model to an innovation-driven development model. Our second new factory in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu is an entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial enterprise in Jiangsu Province. We hope to rely on innovation and use technology to seek future survival and development.

      In recent years, in exchanges with overseas counterparts, we have found that there is still a big gap between our product development philosophy and production management and European and American counterparts, but we also have our own advantages. The vast domestic market and global competition have allowed us to continuously improve. The development is now at a critical point in time from big to strong. As a member of the industry, OSiC will actively take on the important task of industry development, and is committed to leading the innovation of the polyurethane industry as its mission to become a global leader in the field of polyurethane additives. The leader is the goal.

      Q3: The new factory in Zhangjiagang of OSiC has been completed. In the future, it will have two production bases in Shanghai and Zhangjiagang. We know that the Shanghai factory of OSiC only started production in 2012, and it is planned to build a second production base in less than 5 years. , What factors have enabled OSiC to develop so rapidly?

      The rapid development of OSiC is mainly due to four important factors. The first important factor is OSiC’s high-quality corporate culture soil. Our LOGO "OSiC" is the best interpretation of the cultural soil. In addition to indicating that we are In addition to a Chinese silicone company, what is more important is the cultural core of each word: Openness, Sustainability, Innovation, and Compliance. The second important factor is the excellent quality of OSiC's products. During the whole production process, we strictly control the supply of raw materials, continuously optimize the production process, and continuously make the factory indicators more stringent, which can meet the highest level of customers in the industry. Technical requirements; the third important factor is OSiC’s high-quality products and services. First of all, we actively respond to customer requirements and provide customized products. Not only that, OSiC also strives to provide customers with customized and professional Technical training services; the fourth factor, in addition to the products and services mentioned above, OSiC also provides customers with high-quality expansion services. For example, we have helped customers introduce the world's most advanced sponge production equipment: from accompany customers abroad From the beginning of the inspection, to model selection, installation, commissioning, production and subsequent maintenance, a one-stop, three-dimensional quality service was provided. The above four points have made OSiC and its customers deeply compatible throughout the entire cooperation process, and customers’ recognition and reliance on OSiC has continued to deepen, allowing the company’s business to enter the cycle of sound development and boosting the rapid development of the company. .

      In addition, let’s briefly introduce our new factory. The new production facility is located in the Jiangsu Yangtze River International Chemical Park. It has the world’s latest control technology and equipment. The scale and auxiliary facilities are greatly improved compared to the first factory. The important thing is that we have invested heavily in establishing a brand new laboratory and plan to make it an open platform for customers and partners. Through continuous innovation and research and development, we hope to provide better services to customers. OSiC helps China's polyurethane industry to develop better through innovation and R&D.

      Q4: OSiC Company is the director unit of the Waterborne Committee of the China Polyurethane Association. We know that the country has been vigorously advocating green and sustainable development in recent years, and the polyurethane industry is also working hard to develop in this direction. You can briefly introduce the waterborne committee. Will the main job and function of the meeting? And the problems and development directions faced by the water-based polyurethane?

      Regarding the functions of the water-based committee, the water-based committee is a branch of the China Polyurethane Industry Association. All activities are carried out under the guidance of the association. In addition to completing the tasks assigned by the association, the committee pays more attention to water-based Progress in material technology and industrial development. At the same time, the Polyurethane Waterborne Materials Committee is also an industry communication platform, guiding more companies in the industry to continue to invest in research and development and promoting PUD, and let downstream users understand the status of PUD, and build a high-quality communication platform from material research and development to user use. It plays an important role in promoting the healthy development of the water-based industry.

      At the same time, water-based polyurethane is also facing some urgent problems. There are three main problems at present. First, most PUD production processes still use solvents, resulting in the problem of solvent recovery and reuse. Then, how to develop new synthetic processes and raw materials Exploring, reducing the amount of organic solvents, and finally realizing solvent-free green production is an important research topic in the development of PUD. Second, the industry needs to conduct more basic research on the film-forming mechanism of PUD. Third, the PUD supporting system needs to be perfected. Although the variety of PUD itself is becoming more and more perfect, the supporting additives and color pastes and other systems still need to be improved, such as the corresponding color pastes (high hiding power, etc.) The selection range of varieties and toning is still not comparable to that of solvent-based, which is a deficiency in supporting materials. Another important shortcoming is that the current solvent-based equipment cannot meet the conditions of use of PUD, and a large number of equipment upgrades are a long-term project.

      However, with the breakthroughs and solutions of the above-mentioned problems one by one, in conjunction with the country's increasing implementation of environmental protection policies, and increasing incentives for the development of new technologies, we believe that the future development of PUD is huge. At present, PUD has also gradually achieved breakthrough success in some subdivisions. Products that are in contact with the human body are becoming more and more water-based, such as clothing, shoes and hats, automobiles and other fields. The rapid development of the entire waterborne polyurethane industry.

      Q5: Polyurethane industry development level: In recent years, competition in the polyurethane industry has become increasingly fierce. The Sino-US trade war and downward pressure on the Chinese economy have increased. The overall internal and external economic environment is not optimistic. What do you think of the future development of China's polyurethane industry?

      How to deal with the problems caused by internal and external economic pressures and trade frictions to the polyurethane industry, Chairman Yang has given a clearer direction at this conference. The first is to transform the industry goal into high-quality green development, and the second is to comply with The "One Belt, One Road" initiative actively explores the international market and is committed to maintaining a global free trade system and a development-oriented world economy.

      Personally, I have also paid attention to the three major technological trends overseas, which are worth learning from our industry. The first is the "purification" and "harmlessness" of raw materials. A series of certifications such as CertiPUR in European and American countries have been recognized by more and more end consumers. More and more manufacturers are willing to send their products for certification. This is important for the product process control and quality testing of manufacturers, including post-production. The processing technology has put forward higher and higher requirements. The second is the return of the pre-polymerization method. With the popularization of modified MDI in memory foam products and car seats and other products, the previous two-step prepolymerization method has unknowingly shined again, but this time the division of labor is clear, and the raw material manufacturers have completed the first prepolymerization. One step, the product manufacturer completes the second step. Modified MDI is gradually challenging the status of PU sponge products in the traditional TDI system. It is believed that in the near future, with the increasing and refinement of downstream demand, modified MDI can be found in more existing and new applications The figure, more pre-polymers meeting new functions will be developed and commercialized. Furthermore, it is the overall concern for the "life cycle and nature protection" of PU materials. In the past, the industry paid more attention to the production and use stage of PU materials. Now, the investigation and research of biodegradable properties, the disposal of PU materials after disposal, and the reduction of the pollution and impact of PU products on the natural environment are the focus of the industry. It reflects the social responsibility of the entire industry. Based on the above three technical trends, I believe that the development of polyurethane will follow the following principles in the future:

      1. "Harmlessness" and "harmlessness" in the production stage of the product;
      2. "High performance" and "specialization" at the product use stage;
      3. The "recycling" and "low pollution" in the later stage of the product.

      Regarding the future development potential of China's polyurethane industry, there is a big gap between China's polyurethane per capita usage and foreign countries. China's polyurethane industry still has huge room for development. In addition, we still rely on imports for a large number of high-end applications, such as medical care and semiconductors. , Personal care, etc. Therefore, as long as our polyurethane industry continues to innovate and improve itself, the vitality of China's polyurethane will shine more brilliantly in the future.

      Introduction of Mr. Zhang Haoming

      Born in 1968, Chinese nationality, graduated from Xi'an Jiaotong University in 1993, and currently serves as the chairman and general manager of OSiC Performace Materials Co., Ltd. In addition, Mr. Zhang Haoming also served as the vice chairman of the China Polyurethane Industry Association and an expert member of the Expert Committee, a member of the "Polyurethane Industry" editorial board, the director of the Waterborne Materials Professional Committee of the China Polyurethane Industry Association, and a member of the China Plastics Standardization Technical Committee.