Ultra smooth silicone oil emulsion ARATEX L-618

Thick fabrics, especially with more cotton content, the touch is generally raggy, after padding with general softener, due to the permeability of the softener, the softener retained on the surface of the fabric is not enough, after drying and setting, the fabric touch is still relatively raggy, not supple and smooth enough.
OSiC has launched ARATEX L-618, an ultra-smooth silicone oil emulsion with a macromolecular structure.
This product adopts a unique emulsion polymerization technology, the molecular weight of silicone oil and the particle diameter of the emulsion are relatively large, so after adopting softener, most of the silicone oil remains on the surface of the fabric. When drying and setting, the active functional group components will curing into elastic film after the water evaporation, forming a kind of special touch which is both smooth and elastic. ARATEX L-618 is usually used with other block silicone oils or added into other softeners as smooth and elastic components, so that it can be made to have a supple and smooth touch style.

01/Test content and method
Cotton woven fabric padding process
1#   block silicone oil emulsion L-3307:20g/L
2#   block silicone oil emulsion L-3307:10g/L
       ARATEX  L-618:5g/L
One exhausting and one padding (pressure: 3kg/cm2)→drying→setting at 160℃→moisture regaining→evaluating touch
02/ Results
No.     Supple   Smooth     Elastic
1#          4           4              4
2#         4.5         5            4.5

Main physical characteristics of ARATEX L-618
Test item                 Unit            Typical data
Appearance                           Milky white liquid
Viscosity                  cst                 <50
Solids concentration   %               29-34
Ion type                                       Cationic